Day 10: Tuesday, March 31


Welcome to Quarantini: Day Ten.

Today is the Trans Day of Visibility. In today’s video, I discuss its importance and how trans children are under attack in Idaho. 

If you’d like to help fight back, consider donating to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project or the ACLU. Or, send an email expressing your outrage to [email protected] and tweet #LittleShame to him on Twitter.

Our assignment for today is Giovanni’s Room, Part 2, Chapter 4. We’ll discuss it on Thursday.

Our discussion question is: How does Hella in person compare to the Hella described earlier, in absence? Don’t forget to email your responses to [email protected].

BONUS: Watch the film Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria, directed by Professor Susan Stryker. It’s available for free on Youtube, and I’ll be interviewing Professor Stryker tomorrow.



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