Day 12: Thursday, April 2


Welcome to Quarantini: Day Twelve.

I’m thrilled to announce that the Quarantini April book selection is:


Under the Rainbow
Celia Laskey

It’s a story about a group of LGBTQ+ volunteers who travel to the most homophobic small town in the country, hoping to create change. The book is incredibly well-written, moving, and inspiring. It has an extremely diverse cast of characters. As the publisher describes it, it’s “Told with warmth and wit…a poignant, hopeful articulation of our complicated humanity that reminds us we are more alike than we’d like to admit.” The New York Times said it “feels fresh, and thus, essential.”

There are a few options for getting the book:

1. support independent book shops during this difficult time by ordering through this link.

2. Kindle: download immediately from Amazon. You can even read it on your computer.

3. Audiobook: Audible offers 1-month free trials, if you want to listen to the book for free!

Bonus: Enter for a free digital copy on my friend Jordy’s Instagram page!

Our assignment for today is to finish Giovanni’s Room, Part 2, Chapter 5. We’ll be discussing it on Monday, so you have plenty of time to finish the book!

Our discussion question is: What is the greatest lesson to be learned from Giovanni’s Room? Don’t forget to email your responses to [email protected].



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