Day 13: Friday, April 3


Welcome to Quarantini: Day Thirteen.

You have THREE tasks for the weekend:

1. Order our April book selection from, Kindle, or as an Audiobook.

2. Finish Giovanni’s Room, Part 2, Chapter 5. We’ll be discussing it on Monday, and our discussion question is: What is the greatest lesson to be learned from Giovanni’s Room? Don’t forget to email your responses to [email protected].

3. BONUS ASSIGNMENT: Read the following three short pieces by Tuesday.

A. Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde. Bonus question: How does Baldwin, the author, compare to his Giovanni’s Room protagonist, David, in this interview?

B. I Want A President, Zoe Leonard, 1992.

C. Queer Nation Manifesto, ACT UP, 1990.

We have an exciting guest on Tuesday who will be helping us understand all three of them!

Have a great weekend.



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