Day 24: Wednesday, April 22


Welcome to Quarantini: Day 24.

Our assignment this week is to read chapters 7-9 of UNDER THE RAINBOW, available from Bookshop.org, Kindle, or as an Audiobook. If you haven’t already started, it’s not too late to join!

This week’s discussion question is: how do the three characters in these chapters change, and have you experienced any similar changes in your own life? Use the below comment form to add your own responses and reply to others!

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  1. Wow, Teagan’s chapter was great. I grew up in a mormon, gay-hating family. Fox news constantly runs in the background at my family’s house, just for noise if nobody’s actually watching. I’ve been discrimated at work for being gay. What baffled me about the discrimination case was that I was discriminate by a woman of color.

    Sometimes I take the hate and the discrimination personally. Sometimes I feel it my duty to put up with it and educate others to make the an easier path for a future generation. It varies.

    And it’s exhausting. I gravitate towards gay men because I’m accepted by them. These experiences relate to Teagan.

    On page 167, Karen says, “…And liking these people isn’t a necessary part of [Teagan’s job]. You have to understand them, but that’s different.” I think this quote resonates because it’s a license to put the Mr. Roger’s persona aside for a moment and be human. Because sometimes being gay is hard.

    I wonder what Zach would think if Teagan left AAA?

    The next chapter was good. For the sake of the plot, I love that it’s Gabe of all people that Henry runs into to talk about his wife leaving him.

    What I appreciate about this chapter is that I can’t relate. I have some older gay friends who have left their wives to live their lives as gay men. They have children, some of whom are my age or older. And I just count my blessings that I didn’t end up in that situation. It’s not that my morals are high and mighty, and I would’ve never made those decisions. I was just born in a different time. I accepted my homosexuality earlier than they did. Embraced it.

    The last chapter for this week was great writing. At first I didn’t understand why this chapter was even in the book. Then it drew a lot of emotion out of me. I loved it.


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