Day 4: Monday, March 23


Welcome to Quarantini: Day Four.

Today, your homework is to read the third chapter of Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. The entire book is available for immediate access on Kindle (you can even read it on your computer).

Our discussion question is: How does Baldwin depict the relationship between love and shame in this chapter? Don’t forget to email your responses to [email protected].

Tomorrow, I’ll be live on Instagram at 5 PM ET with HIV/AIDS activist Peter Staley, one of the central subjects of How to Survive a Plague. The organization he co-founded in 1992, the Treatment and Action Group (TAG), was responsible for the radical restructuring of the management of the government’s AIDS research effort. Don’t forget to watch the documentary if you haven’t already, and then join live tomorrow!

We’ll discuss chapter 3 of Giovanni’s Room on Wednesday.



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